Bloom ensures delivery of evidence-based and optimal care for patients through various academic and research activities. Clinicians in private practice need to be up-to-date with evolving subject knowledge and clinical skills in order to provide the best care achieve better health outcomes. One of two quality objectives of Bloom Healthcare is to ensure safe and quality care through continuing medical education for all health professionals, medical, paramedical and allied health, at Bloom.


Despite India having a huge patient load in almost all disease/ dysfunction/ disorder categories, the amount of clinical/research data generated in India is very small. Often health professionals need to look up to overseas data and rely on studies conducted in the US, Europe or Australia. While infertility is infertility everywhere in the world, the way in which it is constructed and how an individual or a couple perceives infertility and the barriers to treatment differed from society to society. This means health professionals working in a particular setting need to have a good understanding of the population they serve the most. With this in mind, Bloom is committed to conduct clinical trials and good quality research with due ethics committee approval and patient consent. Such data will not only be used to gain better understanding of Bloom's patients but also help in providing better healthcare services. Also, Bloom believes in sharing knowledge gained through such studies with other doctors/ institutions by means of journal publications and conference presentations. Please note, all patient data will be collected with due written consent and only decide tidied data will be used for presentations.

Recent study: Mental health aspects of men with involuntary childlessness.