Professional Counseling

Bloom Health care aims to provide Patient-centric quality care. Its objective is to assist the psychiatric & psychological well-being, inspired it to start Bloom Psychiatric & Psychological (P&P care)

Counseling is an interpersonal process between you and a trained mental health professional to resolve issues relating to stress, conflicts in every day life within self, friends, family, workplace and society as a whole.

A professional counselor uses specific knowledge and skills to treat mental, emotional, adjustment, or behavioral health problems. In addition, they use psychological counseling methods to assist individuals, couples, and families cope with anxieties, stress and any life crises. They function both as a remedial and/or preventive mental health professionals.

It helps you to learn about your negative, self-defeating thoughts and feelings and its impact on the quality of your life and your interaction with others. It gives insight to new/different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving to grow as a fully functional individual.

These very important people are involved in your life and although you have the utmost regard for them, they cannot be entirely objective. Depending on your issues, they may be contributing to the problem without knowing it. A trained mental health expert can help you identify what your issues really are, and will be more objective than friends or relatives.

Some valid reasons for consulting a professional counselor include:

  • When you are totally confused
  • You don’t know what the problem is
  • You realize your performance is going down
  • You feel your life is out of control
  • Advice of friends and relatives isn’t helping
  • Inability to concentrate on anything

The two professionals often deal with similar mental health problems, but the focus of the treatment approaches tends to be different. Psychiatrists are trained as medical physicians, who go on to specialize in the treatment of mental disorders. As such their approach is medical. They are also very likely to prescribe medications in the treatment of mental health problems. A Professional Counselor outlines problems, finds options, assists in decision making, and provides objective insight. You don’t necessarily have to go a psychiatrist for example you are unable to handle your child’s behavior. A professional Counselor is fully qualified and trained to provide solutions to your problems.

As a Counseling Psychologist Ms. Saras Bhaskar

  • Identifies psychopathology* and offers therapeutic guidance to clients and their families.
  • Offers Individual and family counseling
  • Treats children and adults with mental, emotional, and behavioural disturbances
  • Offers healthy relationship management counseling
  • Pre marriage and marriage counseling
  • Extends counseling for psycho social stressors that couples experience due to involuntary childlessness
  • Pre and Post adoption counseling services
*By referral to appropriate professionals for psychometric assessment

Professional Counseling - Types

  • Short term counseling
  • Long term therapy
  • Grief counseling
  • Solution focused counseling
  • Psycho social education
  • Case study discussions
  • Printed resources
  • Pharmacotherapy (medicines)