Below are some General frequently asked questions regarding Bloom Health Care. If you have any queries regarding specific division, please select from the side navigation. If you require additional information or have questions not addressed here, please contact us, and our staff will be happy to assist you.

To make an appointment please call 729991102 / 04 or click this link to book an appointment online

This is a 45 bed hospital.

The hospital has 6 types of rooms:

  • General Ward
  • Semi-private Room
  • Private Room
  • Deluxe Room
  • Executive Deluxe Room
  • Suite Room

The 24 hour facilities in the hospital include:

  • Doctors
  • Lab
  • Ambulance

The pharmacy facilities are available 24 Hours.

The lab facilities are available 24 Hours.

The lab facilities are available 24 Hours.

Appointments can be made Monday-Saturday.



The out-patient facilities are available 24 Hours.

Towards the end of your consultation your doctor will let you know when you are expected to be back for your next visit. Book an appointment with your doctor at the front desk before you leave.

Contact our ultrasound department to book an appointment before you come in for a scan and book an appointment for the next scan before you leave. If you like to reschedule an appointment let us know well in advance.

If you want to book a special appointment with our dietician contact our dietary department for further details.

Sign up for our pregnancy classes with our physiotherapy department. You may enquire about the availability of personal fitness guides to help you through pregnancy, labour and delivery. The availability of these services is limited.

If you are experiencing issues not listed in the above questions, please contact us.