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Having a healthy baby is your top priority, so if you’re not getting results, why keep doing the same thing?

Bloom Healthcare is committed to answer health queries of patients through this website. If you have a question related to your health concern/problem or you are on treatment and would like to take a second opinion, you are most welcome to fill in the below form and send it to Bloom. A dedicated person will read your query and reply back to you with the most appropriate response after consulting with Bloom’s health professional(s). When required, the health professional might directly reply to you.

For a limited time only so get a second opinion with us today.



Disclaimer: Please do not use this form for any urgent health issues. The information provided through this feature is only a basic advice/second opinion and does not supplement any medical advice given to you by your treating medical doctor. Please do not provide any personally identifiable details in this form (e.g. name, date of birth, residence/office address, phone number).