Sexual Medicine & Andrology

Sexual Medicine is the branch of medicine concerned with human sexuality and its disorders. It attempts to improve sexual health through the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of conditions or diseases that involve sexual function, identity, experience, attitudes and behaviour.

This is one of the commonest concerns a lot of patients have. Bloom assures you that all details/data collected from patients will be kept highly confidential. At times, details of a husband or a wife will not be shared with his/her spouse.

Examination will be done only on needs basis determined by the clinician. Female patients will be examined only by a female doctor/nurse.

It is strongly encouraged to bring all past medical records, including investigations, when you come to Bloom. If a test is done within a reasonable time frame and in an appropriate manner, then the same test will not be repeated. At times, it is important to repeat the same test before starting on treatment. The lead clinician will determine the need and will explain it.

While it is encouraged to do so, it is not a must. Sometimes, a person’s sexual problem could be secondary to his/her partner’s sexual problem.

In case of couple consultation, both partners will be consulted together. Then, each one will get a chance to consult the doctor separately. Selected information provided by one person will be kept confidential from his/her partner. If there is definitive need to disclose, it will be done in a professional way and with due consent.

No. All consultations do involve a brief education session but will be done only with scientific charts using iPad/electronic sources.

Bloom uses highly secured patient information software through which a legible report will be generated and given to you in paper or sent as an email attachment. Alternatively, patients can view their record by themselves through patient portal.

The lead clinician will discuss the various treatment options with you (individual/couple) depending on the problem. The main options are medications, behavioural modification, sexual counseling, psychosexual therapy or a mix of all or some. Whatever the modality, patients will be fully explained about the problem and what the management involves.

A minimum of 30 minutes will be spent for each patient as it takes time to collect good history and understand each patient and their concerns/problems. Counselling and psychosexual therapy does involve longer duration.

Yes, we have an in-house pharmacy and all the medications are available. Our pharmacists are trained enough to be comfortable and competent to dispense medications used for sexual problems and also make patients feel comfortable.

Common fertility related sexual problems

  • Unconsummated marriage
  • Vaginismus
  • Male and female sexual disorders
  • Relationship problems

Sexual Medicine services

  • Comprehensive assessment of sexual problems
  • Pharmacotherapy (medicines)
  • Sexual counselling

Andrology, Reproductive Medicine & Laproscopy Surgeon


Andrology is the medical specialty that deals with male health, particularly relating to the problems of the male reproductive system and urological problems that are unique to men.

Andrology services
      • Complete evaluation of male infertility
      • Sperm aspirations & extraction procedures
      • Anastomosis procedures of vas and epididymis
      • Counselling for ART
      • Male uro-genital surgeries

Sexual Health is a
state of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Social Well - Being related to Sexualtiy.