Why Choose Bloom?

Bloom Healthcare is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Multi Speciality Hospital.

There are many hospitals in the city and it is sometimes difficult for patients to choose the right hospital for them. Here we provide the facts about Bloom Healthcare which can facilitate patients, domestic and international, to choose us.

Intimacy of Customer

Bloom continues to be successful primarily because of its patient-centric care through individualised approach. We believe in respecting and providing best care to all patients irrespective who they are and why they have come to us. The lead clinicians of Bloom Healthcare practice full-time at Bloom only. For patients, this means they have better access to healthcare professionals and good continuity of care. Rather we elaborate more on this, click here to read patients' testimonials

Excellence in Health Technology

Bloom has taken all necessary measures to be technologically advanced in the delivery of hospital services but without compromising the customer intimacy. Bloom manages Personal Electronic Health Records and patients of Bloom can access their records at any time and any where in the world, through secured patient portal. Click here to watch a short video demonstration

Quality Care

Bloom defines "quality" care as one that is safe, ethical and evidenced-based. Bloom Healthcare strictly adheres to the guidelines and code of conduct set by the Medical Council of India. In specific, Bloom follows the ICMR guidelines for fertility care and ISSM guidelines for sexual medicine care. Bloom has been inspected and awaits certification of the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction.

Modern Infrastructure

A good infrastructure is as important as good clinicians in a hospital for not only comfort but also for good infection control and other health-related benefits. Some of the key infrastructure features of Bloom are

  • Modular Operation Theatre: Class 100-100000, ISO 8 sterile zone and Class A-D air classified theatre complex. First of it's kind in Chennai (Tamil Nadu)!
  • Birthing Suites - adopted from Western countries, this facility have interior decors and AV equipments that not only provides a relaxing ambience but also a positive labour experience for the couple.
  • Modular AirFlow Chamber - Bloom is one of the very few IVF centres to have an imported (from Denmark) chamber and has state-of-the-art IVF lab.